Friday, March 28, 2008

Quelle horreur

My purse contents (ugh), the brain child of this lovely lady: Classy Chaos

~bottle of CoQ-10 vitamins
~empty sunglasses case
~mini bottle of Purell
~hand sanitizer wipe
~a Clinique perfume my mom gave me that my dad bought her, that she didn't like, that I don't like either, but have not removed from my purse, because it may come in handy? (which I might add has the lamest name in all of perfume name history)

~nail file from manicure
~sample of Chanel No5 that has never been used & I don't know from whence it came
~change purse
~out of date photo of my kidlets
~a spoon for my applesauce from yesterday's lunch at work
~Quo lipstick
~mini Clinique lipgloss (I'm in love with mini things)
~a mini key chain flashlight doohickey that my gram gave me cuz you never know when I'll need a mini flashlight?

~tampons (hidden in a side pocket)
~loose change
~numerous lists
~AND like every good Canadian (drum roll please)... a winning Roll Up the Rim to win.

Managed to accomplish the trifecta tonight: tan, massage, workout. Now time to snuggle in for a movie & wait for the lactic acid burn to course through my muscles.


OHmommy said...

Nice. I love peeking into people's purses. And I too, love mini things. Mini perfumes, mini glosses, mini me. I would love a mini me!

Huckdoll said...

I've only ever won a free Tim Ho's coffee once. Ever. In like, twelve years.

A Wealth of Flowers...the name alone gives me a headache.

Eve Grey said...

Wouldn't a mini me be perfect?! Just a little tiny me to hang with & do my bidding! (:

Huck, I've been so lucky this year! I think I've won about 5-6 coffees (I trade them for a tea) & a couple of donuts which Dr. Dre was happy to accept.

dancing at gunpoint said...

Your perfect night trifecta makes me jealous. I wish that I had a tanning bed as my real bed--it's so warm and relaxing in there.

Eve Grey said...

It is a lovely coccoon of UV & warm plastic. Just don't go first thing in the morning or you'll feel like a slab of meat in the cooler. Fuh-reezing!