Wednesday, April 2, 2008

99 Jahre Krieg

I attended the funeral of my friend's 99 year old grandmother today.
She was pre-deceased by her husband, 3 of her children, & every friend she ever had. I was thinking how amazing it would be to be able to have your mom comfort you if you were dying at an advanced age. Very unnatural though to die before your mother.

She started smoking when she was 50 & was soon up to a pack a day, until very recently she drank about a mickey a day as well. Do what you will with that information. It's all genetics.

I am very depressed. Death, my pre-menstrual state & listening to people tell their very sad stories at work have taken their toll today.

Here's a sad, emo photo so you can feel sorry for me.


Kelly said...

I'm sorry about the sadness in your day. If it helps, you look smashing, darlin!

Eve Grey said...

Anonymous said...

There's beauty in being able to feel so deeply. It's visible in your emo photo.