Thursday, May 1, 2008

I can't stand losing you

Went for a walk in the cemetery with my little guys.
Ben ran around to all the graves of interest & yelled out to me at the top of his lungs..."Who is this one? What year did they die mommy? How old were they?"
Not sure why these questions had to be screamed for all the dog-walkers & seniors to hear but apparently he was very curious about this self-made info. gathering.
I would read the stone & then he'd ask, "Were they old? Is that sad mommy?"
Jack informed Ben in a deep, solemn (and quite matter-of-fact) tone, "Ben, we're gonna die one day too ya know & then we'll have a gravestone."
Ben then blurted out "When you die Mommy, I will visit & put flowers on your grave."
This is where I had to pretend I got something in my eye.

Then they had a brawl over who could pick the most dandelions for me.
Man, i love those kids.

This one made me kinda sad because the man wasn't buried here. My guess would be that he got married again & was buried with that wife unless he's alive & well at 116?


ConverseMomma said...

I never thought about the whole, what if they remarry thing. How sad. But, how sweet that your boys argue over who will pick you flowers. Love that!

Tara R. said...

I love walking through old cemeteries. I've been to historic ones in Savannah, GA; NOLA, and Galveston TX. The inscriptions on crypts in Savannah read like today's obits. They cover the whole top of the tomb.

Huckdoll said...

Cemeteries are quite beautiful by day, huh? I would be horrible at calculating how old people were for my kids. I'd have my cell out doing he additions and subtractions :)

Eve Grey said...

Conversemomma, it is SO sweet but now it's a bit of a rivalry thing so I have be sure to say thank-you & give hugs & kisses equally.

Tara, I would really like to Savannah some time. I love old cemetaries & architecture & history.

Huck, it's funny you said that because it was kind-of hard to figure out the age sometimes! When we were driving out he kept asking really fast "how old was that one? how about that one?" I tried to explain their ages weren't on there, just year of birth & death, but no i got no props for my math.

Anonymous said...

I have this ache thinking about Jennie, waiting for her husband, who never comes.
And it's not even that I believe in things in that way. I don't. But the artist and lover in me can't get away from that image.
Would you mind if I wrote something about this? I'll give you full credit of course for all inspiration.