Monday, April 7, 2008

Look out

Went solo to a surprise party for my friend's sis Sat. night. Nobody to babysit me translates to a bottle of wine & ending said evening with a game involving roulette & shots. It's all kind-of foggy at this point.
Most tragically, Dre had to work all day Sunday stranding me with 3 boisterous imps. Thankfully we acquired a kick-ass trampoline the previous day enabling me to bask in the glorious sunlight with one eye open. My only duty really was lunch & copious rounds of beverages. By the end of the day, numerous neighbourhood kids were acquired & miraculously I endured their shrieking with nary a teeth gritting.
Besides losing what was a considerable amount of brain cells, i was a-ok. Yes, I really am that rad.
Volunteered in Ben's kindergarten class all morning on my day off today. Nominate me for sainthood you say? Why, I was thinking the same thing.


Huckdoll said...

Isn't it the worst to have a wild night out and be stranded with the kiddos the next day. ESPECIALLY those involving a bottle of wine and shots. I know those all too well. Karma is a bitch! Also, it's always those nights where I'm on the loose solo or with other girls that those tend to happen :S

Eve Grey said...

and i should (& do) know better, but after two drinks, all reason goes out the window.