Monday, April 28, 2008

You can't get cherry soda

Friday it was 28 (82F) here, today it's 3 (37F). You're welcome for the conversion, i'm a doll.
Effin' Canadian weather. On the the bright side, gives me more gym time, which I just re-joined today. Ugh.

Irksome phrase of the week: "thinking outside of the box."
Translation" "I am such a unique & original person."
What I'm thinking: "You are a dork."


Motor City Monk said...

My gym is in my basement and I still can't find the motivation to "re-join".

Huckdoll said...

Ha! That's quite the TimHo's tower you've got going on. Props!

Tara R. said...

"outside the box..." I'm thinking, what are you doing in a box?

Anonymous said...

That phrase is corp-speak for "I can't think of anything good so I need you people to save my ass, again, so the client doesn't figure out that I'm just taking credit for the creativity of you people who I secretly envy."