Sunday, September 28, 2008

I used to think maybe you loved me

I've been an errant blogeress lately. I've also been pretty happy. Things with le marriage fell into a pretty big dip, followed by a truce, a start again, and some really happy times lately. We all snuggled up on the couch last night and watched Star Wars: Attack of the Clone Wars, cartoon-styles. It ended in a cliff hanger and I actually suggested we rent the other tomorrow.
Also watched the season premiere of Heroes. Somebody please kill Mohinder, Nikki, and Maya already.

I did a 10k walk for charity this morning. Daisy came with me. It was a competive walk so we had to be fast(ish). We both got medals for our time (she was the youngest competitor). We didn't sway our hips and swing our arms like the terminator, no worries. Proceeds went to mental health which to me is a great cause. The premise being that walking is accessible to most people and is often an integral part of therapy to those living with mental illness.

My youngest sis is on the plane to Frankfurt right now and she will arrive in Segovia, Spain later tomorrow. She is gone for 3 months and I will miss my little Binky dearly. My friend is in Manila for work for 3 months. I miss her too.

Our gerbil died. He was a sweet little fella. I don't like keeping animals in captivity and would never have bought one in the first place but Daisy's friend gifted him to her. The kids were heart broken. He is buried with a silk scarf in a shoebox under the treehouse outside. R.I.P little man.

So there is the Eve update. My feet kind-of hurt. I'm looking forward to putting them up and watching either DH or Brothers & Sisters, whichever is the least annoying of the two.


LceeL said...

Glad to see you punching keys. And thank you for the lovely comment on today's post.

Anonymous said...

well, see now you're all caught up.

Hopefully, I'll catch whatever you had, and actually give a real update on my blog.

vinny said...

I watched the Heroes episode too - my first full episode haha. Have to say I like it lots.

MommyWizdom said...

Hubby and I have decided to tape Heroes and when we've racked up enough episodes, we're gonna do a marathon watch and decide if we're gonna tape more or put an end to the torture once and for all. Lol.

Sorry to hear about your gerbil :-(

MommyWizdom said...

Oops - I hit return too soon.. Which means I should go to bed :-)