Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Will it fill our hearts with thoughts of endless night time sky?

K, I just got back from the teenage vamp movie, Twilight. And yes, the theatre was mostly composed of teenage girls who twittered and swooned when Edward Cullen came on screen. At first, I thought he looked ridic with his painted eyebrows and red lipstick. But he grew on me. My friends and I were a bit concerned whether it was ok we all found a 17 year old sexy. I googled him when i got home & it's all ok. He's 22 in real life. Ahem.
Girls love vampires. What's not to love? Blood-thirsty neck sucking aside...They're beautiful, smart, sophisticated, strong and ageless. They're well read and well-mannered and if they can keep from biting you and sucking you lifeless, they'd make fantastic boyfriends. They're always inexplicably wealthy, almost always classical pianists, they're gentlemen, and they look super in a suit.
Of course, due to our advanced age wordly ways, we did question a few small issues such as:
Just how cold are you and is this preternatural cold everywhere on your body?
Will I ever have to witness you sucking the blood from an animal? (this is how modern day vamp stories get over the pesky little issue of manslaughter)
Why does your skin glitter like diamonds in the sun? (This part made me giggle. It wasn't supposed to.)
And as if it's even possible to stay with the same romantic partner for FIVE HUNDRED years?!!

Call me a hopeless romantic.

Oh, to be 17 again and believe an immortal vampire could be my boyfriend (with no sex, cha right!) and we'd live happily.ever.after.
Bring on the sequel.

Disclaimer: I cannot recommend this film to anyone who is not intrigued by vampires and/or over the age of 23.

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Marinka said...

I think your questions are excellent. I could relate to Edward being cold, because I'm a very cold person. Body temperature-wise, not emotionally.

And I agree about the diamond glittering. That sounded mildly annoying. OMG, five hundred years with the same person! And beyond! Seriously, if he does anything that drives you crazy, can you imagine an eternity like that?