Saturday, March 22, 2008

What becomes of little boys

Oh lovely day. Spring has finally sprung around here. We went to an outdoor Easter hunt this morning. Problem was all the eggs had already been found by the peeps who arrived earlier than us. Lucky for me, we ran into my sissy who had a bunch in her pocket cuz her 3 year old couldn't have cared less & handed them to her when he found them. So i took a couple & hid them in trees & bootprints & stuff & was all like "Hey Daisy, come look here!". Big discovery ensued & smiles all 'round.

My twin boys just called me upstairs & when I walked up they jumped out from behind a wall & yelled "Surprise!". They found the box of leftover Easter decorations i wasn't planning on putting out & spread them around the living room. They even tied a banner to the chandelier! Then they hugged me & Jack said "Mommy, we love you just the way you are". OMG, swoon from the cuteness. Not sure where that came from. Then Ben said, "Aren't you lucky mommy that we're such great kids?". Yep, i felt lucky. Really, really lucky.

After a super crappy week, it made me laugh & kind-of almost cry at the same time. I'm a girl who cries at parades, so give me a break k?

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Wendy said...

you are very lucky! Super cute story and boys!