Monday, March 17, 2008

Let's get physical

Worked out tonight. Only because my membership expires at the end of March so to feel good about the previous 11 unused months i must use it every day until March 31st. It was busy so i had to take one of the crappy treadmills. The ones where there is no place for your towel & water & other crap. I had to put my shit on the floor. I have this cheap little MP3 player with earphones from like 1998 that don't fit on my ears, i think my ears are too small maybe? Irregardless, i can't fit the little buggers in there & they constantly fall out. I hate running the whole time so to get up to my target heart rate i have to do an incline of 12. After a while, that smarts. We'll see how it goes. I quit smoking for the bazillionth time & gained the requisite fiver in about 3 hours. I'm eating like a god damn rabbit & sweating my balls off every night. If i don't lose weight by April 1st, i'm seriously gonna consider sparking 'er up again. It was only 2 to 3 a day anyway so does it really matter? Woe is me.


Huckdoll said...

Bahaha, you're hilarious! I love the part about "sparking 'er up again".

I run on the treadmill and I find the only headphones that rarely stay in are the wrap around the ear version or Skull Candy Smokin' Buds - they come with three different ear bud sizes for...maximum comfort?

Thanks for popping by today and commenting ~ much appreciated. I like your blog a lot...will RSS it and read daily!

Eve Grey said...

Thanks, i'll look for the Skull Candy ones, on account of the name & all!