Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's a mad,mad world.

Ugh, i'm in a fiercely bad mood. Not helped by being held at gunpoint & forced to set up my daughter on the Build-A-Bear (don't click it!) website.
Against all that is good & holy, i caved & brought her there after months of needling. It met and i daresay, exceeded, my worst nightmares. Hundreds of children & their brow-beaten parents jostling about choosing their newest fluffy friend & some rather racy (or dandy if it was a boy bear) garments to clothe it in. $50 bones later...
Then tonight, the sulphur dioxide soaked cherry on top, the effin' website. There.are.no.words. It is like a creepy pick up joint for the under 7 crowd (as opposed to the non-creepy pick-up joints for the under 7 crowd). There were all these other kid's characters milling about in there with handles like DaisyCute84 & CodyMagnificent14. You could choose to "whisper" things to the other virtual kids, such as "I've chosen you to be my friend". It brought me back to the days of the school dance as i fought the urge to shout, "Lookout, CoolKidBlue28 is walking toward you, turn the other way!"
Fuckin' internet.
Now since my husband is working late & the gym is out, i must suffer further humiliation by working out to my Kathy Smith VHS.


OHmommy said...

We have tried to stay away from Build A bear.... so expensive.

What a pretty girl you have. I like the shoes she picked out for the bear! Girl has style!!!

Huckdoll said...

We have a Build-A-Bear store right at the mall entrance we use. My twins have gapped at that goddamn store, on average, once a week since the day they were born. I'm in huge trouble.

I had no idea about the website...very creepy indeed.

Eve Grey said...

Thanks Ohmommy, my girl is quite the fashionista. She's all about the shoes!

Eve Grey said...

keep running past!
Actually, it's pretty cute. My boys got one & absolutely LOVE it.