Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I got a pocket, a pocket full of sunshine

Had a totally sucky day full of crapitude. Got my wallet stolen yesterday right out of my purse when it was in my office. Couldn't sleep for most of the night. Woke up with a splitting headache & tiny bloodshot eyes. I looked very sexy.

Had an early meeting where we were treated like crap & my bad mood & evil nature combined to make me explode. Everyone thanked me after for taking one for the team, i.e saying what everyone else thought because I can't keep my damn mouth shut. You're welcome. Bah. Ran around like a crazy woman in the afternoon cancelling shit & getting new cards.

Went to the gym to run off the fury only to be stuck beside the Terminator 2 (the skinny, gold, bad one who never stops running, not the Arnie one). Seriously, you should see this chick. Runs with arms stiffly bent at the side, staring straight ahead, slight grimace. When she takes a break, she doesn't press pause, she puts one foot on either side of the treadmill, still with eyes straight ahead & a look to kill. Friggin' chillax chick. The one on the other side of me was doing her best Sunday stroll, moseying around a speed of 1.2 & 0 incline while perusing some punk ass women's magazine. Don't exert yourself!

Just watched the news & full of the misery of Myanmar & China. What are my problems really? Depressed me further.

I'm going to bed.


Beth said...

dang, you are in a pissy mood! ;) but hey, sometimes you just gotta stand up and VENT!!!!!

and I hate people that do that at the gym...not that I go to the gym, but I would hate it if I went!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, don't watch the news these days...there's a new disaster every single day.

ConverseMomma said...

Sorry about your day, lovey.