Monday, May 12, 2008

Pull me out of the lake

Friday night was really fun. So fun that pretty much all day Saturday I slept, punctuated only by the briefest awakenings to gulp copious amounts of water.

I got lots of love & attention yesterday for MDay & my Bday & felt a bit...uncharacteristically shy about the whole thing.

Today my girl friends took me out for a sushi lunch. Yummy.

I feel very thankful & all that other grateful stuff.

I also have the MAJOR after-party blues. The whole weekend was full of friends & family & food & I feel so blessed & guilty & fuck, i'm being neurotic. How can one feel so lucky & want to bust out crying at the same time? The duality of man, the Jungian thing (high five to me for pulling out a Full Metal Jacket reference even it makes no sense whatsoever).

My plan for myself this year of my life is...drum roll please...focus on my Health. *Fireworks!*
Mostly on account of the fact I feel like I'm dying of a terminal illness. So...exercise, good food, no drinking, no smoking.
Sounds fun right?! Perhaps to really up the anticipation ante I'll blog about my exercise routine & food plan & vitamin regimen. STAY TUNED FOR ALL THE EXCITEMENT!


neutron said...

"Exercise, good food, no drinking, no smoking" ... (hmm, trying to think of some words of wisdom here) ... oh okay, how about something that's worked for me? I noticed that I was eating a lot of junk I didn't like all that much. So instead, I decided to cut them out and just eat a little of something I absolutely love (lindt).

Mrs4444 said...

Sounds like hormones to me... :)

OHmommy said...

Hmmmm... I promised myself a healthier life on New Years Eve. It is May and my bad habits are still present.

So now, I am postponing making any changes until MY 31st birthday in July.

Good Plan. Right? ;)

Motherhood for Dummies said...

hey my b-day and mothers day were close together too... well actually my b-day falls on mothers day sometimes. Fun :)

neutron said...

@ohmommy ... procrastinators of today uniting tomorrow!!!

Beth said...

woohoo...getting healthy...(insert sarcasm) yada yada yada

I hate healthy

Huckdoll said...

Girl. Everything in moderation! Trust me, I always swear off everything right after a indulgent weekend, too. Whatever, you deserved it!

Just don't drop everything at once. I'm with OHmommy on the bad habits thing. I was supposed to get rid of mid on May 1 and it's all been put off now till June 1.

Eve Grey said...

Well, I haven't had a smoke & I've been exercising , but had pizza 2 days in a row. 2/3 is pretty good right?