Saturday, June 28, 2008

He's not supposed to eat sugar

Yesterday my 3 year-old nephew who we'll call Philip the Hyper-Hypo, snuck out of the house and biked six blocks from his house to the park, in a busy downtown area, crossing two huge and busy streets on the way. Baller.

Before you go calling Family and Children's Services, here's how the shit went down. His dad wanted to go for a bike ride to the park, Hypermaniac said no, dad took baby brother, mom stayed home, locked front door, gave Animaniac some milk and popped a movie in for him as per his request, her friend called, went into other room for five minutes to talk, came out after and he was gonso. She freaked, ran outside, got neighbourhood kids to help look, noticed bike was gone, hyper-ventilated, high-tailed it after him, got to park and there he was. He had arrived safely, found his dad and baby brother and was sitting in the swing with a shit eating grin upon his face.
His training wheels are SO gone.


Manager Mom said...

Holy crap. that is my WORST nightmare... glad he's OK!

Tara R. said...

I would have freaked out! Glad he was okay.

Eve Grey said...

She did totally freak out. I'm telling you, this kid is unstoppable. If he can harness his energy properly, he'll be a superhero.