Thursday, July 24, 2008

Girls on film (two minutes later) Girls on film

Ok, yesterday's post made me feel like I was naked standing in front of my locker. Or even worse, wearing my granny gown whilst wandering the halls. This was a recurring dream of mine during high school. Apparently due to the conflicted feelings I had for my ankle-length cream-coloured flannel gown with pink flowers and lace trim. It was hot and twisted around my entire body by the time morning had rolled around, yet I felt a curious devotion to it. Perhaps because my grandma gave it to me? Or because I was in love with Laura Ingalls? ...Probably more the latter.
No matter, after I was finally free of it, I have continued to rebel wearing nothing but undies or a shortie set. I'm not a naked sleeper. I can do it for a short period of time sure but as soon as I'm up for the bathroom, something must be slipped on. Kinda like no matter how hot it is I must at least have a sheet covering me. Maybe I'm worried someone will break in with a camera & photograph me? Or perhaps due to traumatic incidents from childhood viewing naked parents? Again, probably more the latter.

Thanks for your kind comments & e-mails. ♥


anti-supermom said...

There are just time when things are rotten and then then there will be days that will yet again, be wonderful. Hang onto those and keep hanging in there.

You are a beautiful writer and express your emotions so well~

Beth said...

awww girlie...what a week you're having. life just sucks sometimes, ya know? how's that for making you feel better? ;)

it's so funny that you said Laura Ingalls....I just read The Long Winter...again...for like the 100th time. I just love the Little House Books, and that one especially. I always want to make bread and a pot of beans when I read that book.

here's a big hug for you! ((())))

Jill said...

Feel good. Feel better. Take some time for you.

Bee Repartee said...

Well, I just read your last post and what an emotional bermuda triangle you've had. UG.

Here's to good sleep and big blogger ears and shoulders. :)

ps. thanks for stopping by my blog. You are always welcome!

Tammie Lee said...

I continue to love the way you express yourself. You take uncomfortable things and add a unique humor to it that just makes me love life and even its challenges all that much more.

May you sleep deeply and awaken with energy for your day!

Dapoppins said...

Me in the long night gown watching laura ingles too!

And then putting on a Frankie Said Relax T-shirt and going to a video showing of Girls on Film and liking it just because Duran Duran sang it!

Ahhh. Those were the days!