Friday, July 11, 2008

You got your hair combed back, and your sunglasses on baby

I went to Chapters today to buy some books for the cottage and ended up buying these for my daughter.

(Fairyopolis is of course secretly for me). Did anyone read The Flower Fairies poems when they were kids? Loved them.

I had to be fair so I picked up these for the boys.

Jack was seriously overcome when I gave him that Transformer book. He wants to be Optimus Prime. Apparently being able to transform into a semi truck is a really coveted skill if you're 6. I could totally explain to you the epic battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons over their planet Cybertron. But I won't. Just know that I could because I really am that cool! When I gave it to him he actually said "Suh-weet!", followed by, "I love you Mommy...and not just because you bought me this book either". Which of course means that is TOTALLY why he is feeling the love.
Ben is enthralled by skeletons right now and launched into a long discussion at dinner about all of our skulls and what colour they are underneath our skin. Awesome dude. He is really channelling Napoleon Dynamite these days.

Since I blew my book budget, I decided to get my books at the library. I was accosted by a very talkative and very crazy old guy sitting outside. We had a nice chat about cars and Tim Horton's and he guessed my name is Nicole. (It isn't).

Then inside as I was perusing biography I was approached by a Mike Drudge lookalike who started an animated (one-sided) conversation about Carlos Castaneda. Who knew the public library was so fun?

It was around this time that Daisy looked up at me quizzically and asked if there were a lot of weird people at the library. To which I affirmed that indeed there were.

Here's what I got based on your suggestions.

Thanks for all the feedback. I will definitely check out the others at a later date.

My friend and I went to see
Under the Same Moon tonight. Mostly because there was really nothing else. It was enjoyable, cute, touching.

I'm away for a week and may or may not have interwebs availability.

Have a great week!


Sogeshirtsguy said...

Transformers are awesome no wonder your kid loves you jk. You sound like a very thoughtful present shopper. Well done.

Jill said...

Have a GREAT vacation! Give a review on the books... I'm always looking for fun reads. :)

OHmommy said...

Our kids would get along... they have the same style.

Is Jack his real name? That is my son's name. I love it.

LaskiGal said...

Where are the book suggestions?? These look interesting. I have not heard of two of them.

Here are a few more . . .
The Ivy Chronicles (I just picked it up in the bargain book bin--I think it is a "mommy lit" book)
Interpreter of Maladies (a Pulitzer Prize winner--short stories--I have a few more to go)
A lot of people loved The Glass Castle. It was OK for me, but definitely worth the read.
The new Emily Giffin book was OK. A quick and easy read with a profound question that I really think could have been explored on a deeper level.
Alice Munro short story collection.
Joan Didion's Year of Magical Thinking (do something fun after this one)

As for the books . . . I'm a library FIEND. I have 13 books checked out. But for J, I buy them as if they are going out of style. Eek. Long post.

Tara R. said...

I love going on book runs. When my kids were younger they would rather go to the book store than the toy store. Even my 15yo thought Transformers was cool. He watched the toon when he was younger.

Tammie Lee said...

ah, you are so good to your family, stocking up books for them. Fairyopolis caught my eye of desire too!

daisy said...

Have a wonderful vacation!

Anonymous said...

I go to the library at least three times a week, I feel more like myself there than probably anywhere else.

LceeL said...

Have a GREAT vacation. Full reports upon return, please?

Jules said...

Wow! Impressive reading list! Hope you enjoy them all.

Manager Mom said...

I couldn't tell which Ishiguro book you got from the cover... I liked Never Let You Go again, but I'm sure all of his books are amazing.

I had to laugh at your Transformers comments. Sounds similar to me, although with my son, I read those stupid things and STILL can't keep straight who is who.

And he gets very angry and yells things like, "Geez, Mommy, EVERYBODY KNOWS that Megatron is the LEADER of the DECEPTICONS and that means he's a BAD GUY!"


Have a lovely vacation!!! The internets will still be here when you get back.

Eve Grey said...

Awww. Thanks sogeshirts! (:

Hey Jill, I will def give a review once I've slogged through them all. The Last Chance one was not to my liking and it's the only one I've read so far...

OHMommy, it's his blog name. (: Love the name too.

Hey Laski, thanks for the suggestions. The only one I've read from those is Alice Munro. Growing up in small town Canada, I can very much relate to her stories.

Tara, I only let my kids see the "real" movie twice because I thought it was a but violent. They watch the 80's cartoon on DVD every day!

Thanks Tammie Lee, it is a very pretty book. Loved the flower fairoes since I was a little girl.

Daisy, it was totally amazing.

Morton, the library is very calming for some reason. You just can't be in a rush when you're there...

Thanks Lou. ♥

Jules, so far one no good and I love the other one I'm reading. So I'm hoping for 2 out of 3!

MM, it sounds like you've got a good enough handle on the Transformers world to fit in around here. :D