Thursday, August 7, 2008

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Daisy and I cleaned up her room last week. Translation: she sat and played with her trinkets while I organized and pleaded with her to ditch stuff. Her contribution was to put things in one of two piles: keep or discard. She picked up a note from the tooth fairy and carefully examined it. I was feeling very proud of my efforts and was totally secure about what pile she'd put it in. And then, her hand reaches out... and she put in... the discard pile! What what?

She then looks up and me and says "Some people think the tooth fairy is just a person you know."

Oh yeah, like what person?

Um, like you or daddy.



What do you think?

I think it's possible.


Well, is it?

Is it what?

You or daddy?

Do you want to know?

Yes I do.

Are you sure?

YES, tell me Mommy.

OK, you're right, it is me.

Then she burst into tears!!! Oh my god, kill me now. And please, please, please don't ask me aboiut the Easter bunny and Santa because I will I felt sooooooo bad.

We had a little chat and a cuddle and she was smiling within 5 minues. Whew. I told her it was important NOT to tell other kids, especially younger ones.

That night, my friend & I are sitting out back, the kids are in the pool swimming. Her daughter, Ana, yells "Hey MOMMY, Daisy said the tooth fairy isn't real! Is that true!!?"

Ggrrrrrrrr. Then Daisy says, "Oh Ana, I was just kidding. She is real, I've even see her. She's verrrry pretty, has long blonde hair & is really nice." (Smirks at me out of the corner of her eye).

She knows she's saved.

Here's a note I found a couple of years ago after she hid one of her first teeth. She didn't even tell me about it. Thankfully I discovered it before she went to bed. Hence the note from the tooth fairy, that ended up in the discard pile. le sigh


LceeL said...

Aw. She's feeling SO grown up right now. She's sharing a secret with the Big Girls. How charming.

Mothersof Brothers said...

Great story - and what a smart strategy letting her in on a secret reserved for bigger kids. My kids (8 and 10) dont ask because they are afraid that if they find out the truth, the tooth fairy will stop visiting.

I always wondered how Mom got the money under the pillow without waking me up...and I wonder today how I manage the same thing! Thanks for sharing a post that made me smile at the end of a long week!!

Brooks said...

That is quite funny. If a beautiful blonde is putting money under pillows, my (brunette) wife is going to lock the doors and windows once we have kids with loose teeth.

daisy said...

Growing up can be so painful! What a total sweetheart. Love, love, love the note.

neutron said...

This is sooo cute and so neat that you still have the letters. I'm just glad you guys started with the tooth fairy. Santa might have been disasterous.

Anonymous said...

that is so cute...

anti-supermom said...

That story was great, I think I read someone's blog about making them promise not to tell his siblings or 'Santa' which he then knew was his parents would not be bringing him anything. Bribery works! Your daughter sounds sweet.