Friday, August 15, 2008

Everybody's laughing just hanging around

I took the kids to a carnival tonight where I was reminded of a recent read when greeted by the wizened ticket seller. Water for Elephants explained that when the rousties got too old to set up and tear down, they were put up front to sell tickets. I also silently referred to myself as a rube as I doled out $40.00 for tickets. Seeing the kids so excited about the bouncy castle and their very own cotton candy on a stick made the evening almost worth it.

On a perhaps not completely dissimilar note, does anyone remember that Little House ep where Albert was addicted to morphine and Charles took him to a cabin to de-tox? That image popped unbidden into my mind today. Albert was vomiting profusely and frothing at the mouth. It was downright horrifying. It's a good drug deterrent anyway. Or maybe just a detox deterrent. There was some serious heavy shit that went down on that show come to think of it. I felt guilty for not being as sympathetic toward Mary as I should have been due to her blindness. Maybe that was a factor in my working with the blind later. Hmmmmm. I was jealous of Caroline too and felt very gratified that I'd be a better wife for Charles when she was snippy to him. Michael Landon was probably my first crush, unless you count Barbie.


ConverseMomma said...

Well, at least with barbie there was something to play around with. Could you imagine if your first crush had been on Ken? Shudder the thought?

Eve Grey said...

haha, that's true. She had hair & boobs so what's not to like? Whereas Ken had...a pseudo vagina?