Monday, August 4, 2008

I drive on her streets cause she's my companion

It's 11 pm on the Monday of a long weekend. Double ugh. Spent most of the weekend in the T-Dot with the parentals and the siblings (minus my brother who is usually MIA). Part of the company Saturday night included two elderly Irish Catholic priests who were a total hoot. One guy taught in Africa in the 1950's, they were both very educated, political, highly entertaining guys and I'm glad to have met them. Here is some of our weekend in pictures.
Most beautiful blue sky with fluffy mashed potato clouds on the drive up.

My parents have this little alley connecting the two side yards. My mom set up a bunch of little tables everywhere so it was our own mini bistro. Had the outdoor speakers amped to get our groove on.

We rocked the big bubbles.
Got some scrumptious gellato. Lemon and orange flavour for me. This freaky little duck on the bike entertained the kids after I held them each up to the counter and recited every flavour available twice while they hemmed, and hawed and hawed and hemmed some more. Final picks included oreo cookie and toasted marshmallow. Mommy, puh-leeze!
I made this pottery vase when I was about 6. My budding talent as an artist is evident.
My sister's summer job. Bought some delicious ice wine and a couple of reds. Most convenient for Sunday night blogging.
Did anyone see this and was it any good? I liked James McAvoy in that other movie which I forget the name of.
Convenience store owner's dog. Cute little thing. Didn't even bark or try to rip up our ankles.

On our way out of town we stopped at a place called King Kosher and had the best falafel EVER. Yums. I love the city.
I also finished two books, saw a movie and took the kids to the park for a picnic and a swim today.
Most excellent weekend.


Jill said...

One of the very few things I miss about Israel is the falafel... yummmm.

Looks like you had a rockin' weekend. What fun with the fam!

brooks said...

Ahhh, ice wine. So tasty. Reminds me of my wedding and the ice wine sorbet between courses.

LceeL said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Falafel sounds so good right abour now .... hungry.

Damn. There goes the diet.

Razzbuffnik said...

I like the shot with the light poles. Is the gradation caused by a car wind shield?

The lights almost look like a UFO

daisy said...

Oooh excellent bubble shot!

Eve Grey said...

I want another falafel, I'm SOOO hungry right now. Maybe becuase I made the barfiest dinner ever.

Thanks razzbuffnik. I like the way it turned out too. Yes, the gradation is from the windshield.

I love bubbles!