Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My mom i love her 'cause she love me

I made the most disgusting barfarific chili in the crock pot tonight. I poured it into my bowl (the word poured is a warning sign) & my stomach lurched. I told everyone to not eat it & made tuna sandwiches with carrot sticks & kiwi on the side instead. My husband, (let's call him Dr. Dre as it's suitable for various reasons) bless his heart, ate it anyway. I expect the food poisoning to hit any minute. I have mad culinary skillz i do.

I walked to pick up my daughter from Brownies tonight on account of it's so nice out & tomorrow being the first day of Spring & all. We held hands as we walked. We ran towards a huge puddle & jumped it and for a moment i could feel her love for me hit me like a physical force. It was so weird, we weren't even talking. As we got close to home, she said i'm so glad you walked to get me Mommy. She was beaming. I love her so much.

It totally made my day.

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