Saturday, July 19, 2008

Eureka! I found my USB cable. (Thanks for the proper terminology Tara). All the sun and sand has apparently made me really, really stupid.

My brother owns a place just outside of a small town on Lake Huron. He rents it out in the summer but we always spend at least one week there with most of the family. The family keeps getting bigger every year so it's hard for all of us to be there all at the same time. This year we were lucky because we were there all week while the others came and went so we got to spend time with everyone. Everyone includes my mom and dad, my sister Katherine and her husband and their two children, my brother (sans girlfriend who had to work), my youngest sister and her fiance, and of course the five of us. My friend and her boyfriend also joined us for a night.

I am very big on tradition so I forced encouraged whoever was around to participate in various activities. These included the annual Saturday night parade, going to the public beach to walk the piers and the boardwalk, driving to the neighbouring town for homemade fudge, getting an ice cream cone at my favourite place, going for a mini-hike in the provincial park, and other SUPER taxing activities. From the groans of some people you'd think I was asking them to run a triathlon.

To sum up, we had a total blast. The weather was perfect, we swam in the lake numerous times daily, we did everything on my "list" (I am an addicted chronic list maker), played lots of games, drank lots of wine, ate lots of food, read books, had lots of laughs. No-one got on my nerves and I was sad each time someone had to leave throughout the week.

The only thing I am not super fond of at the cottage frommage is the shower. It's more a fragile little trickle than a shower really. It has two temps: freeze your balls off cold or scald your nips off hot. I'm not fond of either. So my plans for the evening will be a long, warm, glorious shower.

I look forward to the drive up and back every time. I love to see the fields and how the crops change from spring to early summer and then harvest time. I took a bazillion photos and I'll post them throughout the week but here are some of the surrounding countryside.

This post is just a distraction taking me away from the seventeen damp and stinky loads of laundry I have to do. For added enjoyment, occasionally a big creepy earwig or spider who hitched a ride to the city crawls out to greet me. Well hello there.


anti-supermom said...

All sounds great, I hear you on the scalding nips, not so much on the freezing balls though :)

Fabulous pictures, simply love the wheat in the sky one.

Tattooless Freak said...

Wow - awesomely beautiful photos!!!

Jill said...

I'd have trouble doing wash too if I was looking at all these photos. Simply beautiful.

My husband is a "good" shower freak. He's been known to have us switch rooms if the shower sucks... it's the first thing he checks out in the room when we walk in. Seriously.

Bee said...

What kind of camera do you use? Your photos are really nice.

Eve Grey said...
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Eve Grey said...

Hi Bee, thanks. It's a Canon Rebel XTi.

Tammie Lee said...

Ah, it looks like you had a wonderful time away. I am so proud of you staying away from the internet! Your pictures are wonderful and of beautiful lands, good luck with all that laundry!

daisy said...

Ah yes, little vacation stowaways. Bugs are quite resourceful, although I doubt they thought they were headed for your washing machine.

Your pictures are lovely, it sounds like it was a fantastic holiday.